Cragside- a true favourite: worth every penny of being a National Trust member

This countryside lodge sits like a jewel in the Northumberland countryside.  It is 'home' on a massive scale, stunning and was built by Lord Armstrong, Victorian Inventor. 

No expense was spared and the interiors are an inventors dream with a kitchen which had a 19th century working lift and a 'modern' dishwasher.  There is a Turkish bathroom and steam room and upstairs a challenging to install- 5 tonne marble fireplace which is a room all of its own!  It was the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity.  Hydroelectricity can be seen in use even today.

The grounds are spectacular all seasons of the year for walking and exploring. There are trees everywhere, a real paradise for birds and wildlife. The estate proudly boasts the biggest rock garden in Europe.  There are rivers, streams, Nelly's Labyrinth, formal gardens, wooden bridges and even a huge iron bridge and there is even a carriage drive around this huge estate which is about 8 miles.   

Don't forget your membership cards........


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